Solving the emergency call prioritization issue with programmable telecom

Posted on Fri 26 April 2019 in Hackathon by Jérome Pascal • Tagged with emergency, programmable telecom, hackathon, voip


With the advent of the ubiquitous cell phone, the task of the emergency contact centers to prioritize a huge number of calls has become a tough challenge. The kind of challenge that needs to aggregate heterogenous pieces of technology to be addressed …

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How to Make your VoIP Application Always Reachable

Posted on Tue 19 March 2019 in Wazo IPBX by Emmanuel QUENTIN • Tagged with Mobile, notification, VoIP, CallKit, ConnectionService, PushKit


Making a professional VoIP mobile application can sometimes be a huge challenge, especially when we have to make sure that our customer should be notified when a call occurs.

Our application is always connected with our server via WebSocket, but there are many situations when this connection can be broken …

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Summary about the VoIP meeting with Mumble, about telephony system and Free Software

Posted on Thu 18 June 2015 in XiVO Community by vdagrain • Tagged with barcamp, free software, mumble, voip


The BarCamp summary about VoIP meeting, organised with Mumble, is on line.

  • The web site, logos and schedule.
  • Download the summary We shared news, tips and our favorite documentations (in french).
  • The audio meeting in .ogg (soon)
  • To organise your own meeting, you can read our feedback during the last …

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