Passing the CE marking certification for EU market

Posted on Mon 11 March 2013 in Hardware by xcarcelle

![Measurement of radiated disturbances](/public/XIOHv5/.MeasurementRadiatedDisturbances_m.jpg "Measurement of radiated disturbances, mar. 2013")
** **
**The measurements of radiated disturbances had been done using the following equipments :**
- Semi anechoic chamber (11,8x8,1x9,5m) SIEPEL C01 - Bilog antenna SHWARZBECK VULB9160 - EMI receiver RHODE&SCHWARZ ESI40 - Pré-amplifier BONN 3018-8F30S - Horn antenna ETS 3115

This tests had been done for the B-class which stands for domestic and professional markets which means we can now sell in all EU countries.

Xavier Carcelle.