XiVO contributors: Why I chose XiVO?

Posted on Mon 13 April 2015 in XiVO Contribution by vdagrain

--- Summary in english

  • To better know each other skills and projects, we organised a survey about XiVO contributors (in french) and a meeting with the 1st BarCampIRC about VoIP open source with a report. During this meetings, some contributors send their opinions about "Why I chose XiVO". This is the …

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NyXD Systems, des fans de XiVO racontent leurs aventures dans la téléphonie

Posted on Thu 29 January 2015 in XiVO Contribution by vdagrain • Tagged with NyXD Systems

Summary: NyXD Systems is a team passionated for computer science and telecommunication systems, founded in 2006, near Paris (France). This interview shows how they made communicate computers, installed a network, configured a VPN on their routers, set a hosting services. Exploring XiVO software, they contacted the developers. Thanks to this …

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