Authentication in XiVO

Posted on Mon 25 May 2015 in Software by pcadotte • Tagged with XiVO, authentification, HTTP, consul, directory

In recent months we have been working on the new XiVO client which included amajor rework of the directory services in XiVO. A new daemon is born from thiswork, xivo-dird. One of the challenge of the new directory service is to allowusers to have access to their favorites and personal …

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Agile Tour Québec 2014

Posted on Tue 25 November 2014 in Software by sduthil

On november 5th 2014 some members of the XiVO dev team were at the Centre des congrès de Québec for the Agile Tour 2014. The attendance was around 800 people, with a fair share of managers and developers. The XiVO dev team having an agile process for the last couple …

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XiVO's new directory server

Posted on Fri 26 September 2014 in Software by pcadotte

Some of you may know that a new version of the XiVO client is being worked on at the moment. The newlook and feel require some work behind the scenes to merge all kindof contacts a XiVO user might have into a single source of information.

What does all this …

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A Switchboard for XiVO

Posted on Fri 14 December 2012 in Software by pcadotte

One of the long time missing feature of XiVO is a good switchboard interface. We havebeen working on a new switchboard profile for the XiVO client and this post isan overview of what you might expect in the next few releases.


As we've said before, we are now releasing a …

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Astricon 2012

Posted on Mon 05 November 2012 in Software by nbouliane


For a second year, Avencall was present on the biggest Asterisk conference in the world: Astricon.This year, the conference was held in Georgia, Atlanta.

Like every year, the Monday is the AstriDevCon, a small conference for developers by the developers to discuss the future and how to improve Asterisk …

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