Understanding the XIOH label on our product

Posted on Thu 14 March 2013 in Hardware by xcarcelle

Dear XIOH followers,

As we have passed the CE marking certification, we have finalized the label that we will have on our product with the revelant informations necessary to identify the product once on the market :


  • "XIOH - version 5" : the name of the product and the hardware version
  • "S/N …

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Passing the CE marking certification for EU market

Posted on Mon 11 March 2013 in Hardware by xcarcelle

![Measurement of radiated disturbances](/public/XIOHv5/.MeasurementRadiatedDisturbances_m.jpg "Measurement of radiated disturbances, mar. 2013")
** **
**The measurements of radiated disturbances had been done using the following equipments :**
- Semi anechoic chamber (11,8x8,1x9,5m) SIEPEL C01 - Bilog antenna SHWARZBECK VULB9160 - EMI receiver RHODE&SCHWARZ ESI40 - Pré-amplifier BONN 3018-8F30S - Horn antenna ETS …

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Test vectors for SMBus Packet Error Checking (PEC) CRC-8

Posted on Tue 09 October 2012 in Hardware by xilun

While implementing the SMBus on the MSP430 (see also the post "An engineering story"), I have been looking for SMBus PEC CRC-8 test vectors but could not find any.

A CRC is a Cyclic Redundancy Check. It is a little piece of data typically added at the end of a …

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An engineering story

Posted on Sat 29 September 2012 in Hardware by xilun

To be able to track interesting quality metrics of our upcoming XiVO Office product (XiVO IPBX Open Hardware project), we have decided to add temperature sensors to our current XIOH pcb.

In computers, the typical way to report the temperature to the main operating system is through SMBus. This is …

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Showing off XIOHv5 prototype PCB in its laser cut acrylic case

Posted on Mon 03 September 2012 in Hardware by xcarcelle

Please dear XIOH followers, as we approach the production of our final PCB, we have tried the PCB in an orange laser cut acrylic case.

Below you can discover the front view of the casing with our famous analog vintage Socotel S63 phone

XIOHv5 orange case

You can discover also the back view …

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