How we test xivo-dird

Posted on Wed 03 December 2014 in articles by pcadotte

XiVO dird is a new directory service in XiVO. It will be used as the entry pointfor lookups and reverse lookups in the near future. Dird is the first service inXiVO that is developed with the objective of being runnable on a separate machine.This objective made it essential to …

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Hacking at the Hackfest

Posted on Thu 08 November 2012 in articles by gsanderson

Hello once again XiVO followers ! What's this ? My first blog post has barely been published and i've already written a second one ! But this time, i'll be writing about something that will be more interesting for 1337 h@X0r\$ and the like: the Hackfest !

Hackfest ? What's a Hackfest ?

The Hackfest …

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A conference with Uncle Bob

Posted on Mon 05 November 2012 in articles by gsanderson

Hello to everyone following the XiVO blog ! My name is Gregory Eric Sanderson Turcot Temlett MacDonnell Forbes. I've been working on the XiVO software team for 2 months now and the time has come to publish my first official blog post. Enjoy ;)

At the end of last september, the XiVO …

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Around XiVO - pxe and preseeding

Posted on Wed 30 May 2012 in articles by atarakt • Tagged with PXE

Now that we have a functional PXE installation, we want to fully automatise the installation process. Debian have a useful solution called 'preseeding'. Preseeding provides a way to set answers to questions asked during the installation process.

You can find Debian documentation about preseeding on Debian wiki : http://wiki.debian …

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XiVO high availability

Posted on Wed 14 March 2012 in articles by pcadotte

High availability is available in XiVO since version 1.2.3. The current use cases is to be able to get telephony service back in less than 5 minutes in case of a network or power failure on the master XiVO.

The architecture is pretty simple at the time of …

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